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Children learn best through open ended activities and exploration.

Babies and Toddlers may develop skills such as of...

  • Enjoys filling and emptying containers.

  • Picks up small objects between thumb and fingers.

  • Makes connections between their movement and the marks they make.

  • Know things are used in different ways.e.g. a ball for rolling , a toy car for pushing.

  • Becomes absorbed in combining objects i.e. placing objects into containers.

  • Has some understanding that things exist, even when out of sight.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers may develop skills such as...

  • Selects a small number of objects from a group when asked.

  • Uses some language of quantities, such as ‘more’ and ‘a lot’.

  • Talks about the shape of everyday objects.

  • Begins to use the language of size.

  • Shows control in holding and using tools.

  • Sometimes gives meaning to marks as they draw and paint.

  • Imitates drawing simple shapes such as circles and lines.

  • Uses simple tools to effect changes to materials.

Why stop there ? Older children may develop further skills such as…

  • Refining their fine motor skills

  • Using exciting and ambitious language to describe what they are doing

  • Connecting to the world around them via their senses

  • Using their imagination in open ended self directed play

  • Testing out maths concepts in real world activities (capacity, size, weight

  • (Not to mention the calming and emotionally regulating value of sensory play)

EYFS Learning Links: Text
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